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Every organization has the desire to automate processes, and eliminate human error, but often find difficult to do so while meeting the requirements of the organization, as well as creating a unified approached across the organization. Furthermore, there is often a tool sprawl with organizations when developing a CI/CD culture. Konekti believes a culture shift to more modern practices should be easy, and no modern solution is complete without a comprehensive automation strategy. Infrastructure as Code enables businesses to manage IT infrastructure efficiently in a DevOps environment that relies on continuous delivery. Konekti can help your business by planning, implementing, and helping spread the adoption of automation and IAC methodologies by: 




  • Define what processes your organization wishes to automate

  • Establishing a baseline of automation toolsets

  • Create a strategy for RBAC (Role Based Access Control) of automation toolset

  • Defining source control and cloud templates


  • Provide automation solutions to enable businesses quickly provision pre-configured resources

  • Implement source control, alongside cloud agnostic automation tools, such as ansible, terraform, CFT, ect to ensure your automation initiative works in any cloud environment.

  • Lead with security practices when implementing CI/CD pipelines

  • Create IAC templates based on your organizations toolsets in order to streamline cloud deployment and operations




  • Work with your team to eliminate the barrier between traditional NetOps practices and DevOps methodology's. 

  • Demo various templates created and show a full pipeline in action

  • Practice utilizing templates in a sandbox environment with your team

  • Provide continuous support for automation templates 

IaC opens workflows to the whole team making transparency and permitting quicker iteration, diminished bottlenecks and expanded flow. It is conceivable to easily define and clone configurations and make changes flawlessly and reliably. Documentation is consistently current since it is in the code and stored in a central repository. Training new staff is additionally easier.


Terraform is an IaC tool that assists different private providers, such as VMware, Nutanix, and Vrealize, and public cloud providers, such as AWS, Azure, GCP, and Rackspace. Both AWS and Microsoft include IaC tools that are explicit to their own foundation: CloudFormation for AWS and Azure Resource Manager.

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