AWS Landing Zone Accelerator

AWS Landing Zone Accelerator solution delivers a best practice, secure, and flexible AWS environment for customers that are new to AWS and don’t have the depth of skills yet or the capacity internally to build their own. Whether you need to improve the implementation of your current AWS solution or build a new greenfield environment, Konekti will walk you through everything—no prior experience required. Based on lessons learned from other successful engagements and aligned with the AWS' Well Architected Framework, Landing Zone Accelerator brings together everything required for a successful outcome.

How It Works

In the initial stage of Cloud Accelerator, Konekti brings your team together for a requirement gathering and discovery workshop to assess your current state and identify key requirements, concerns, and constraints for your AWS environment. Don’t worry if you don’t know what you need or how to explain it—Konekti has successfully helped dozens of customers to get moving.

Once Konekti has completed the assessment, Konekti works as closely with your team as you prefer to define your AWS environment, leveraging Konekti's best practice architecture and design blueprints. Konekti's team of experts engineers will combine all the right AWS services to build your AWS environment, ensuring that your business can get results faster without having to learn the hard way.

What Konekti Will Deliver

In most cases, it takes approximately four weeks end-to-end to deliver a secure and flexible AWS environment ready for any workload. Once your environment has been built to best practice, Konekti hands it over to your team including a detailed walk-through and comprehensive documentation. The following are the key activities performed by Konekti:


Konekti begins with a discovery workshop to assess your current state and identify key application requirements.


Konekti works closely with your team to design your AWS landing zone, leveraging Konekti's comprehensive AWS experience. The following components are addressed in the developed design:

  • Account organization involving a master account and separate function specific accounts.

  • Identity management

  • Enforcement of tagging policies across multiple cloud tenants

  • Providing standardized tenants for different security profiles (Development/Testing/Production)

  • Networking design

  • Logging and audit infrastructure

  • Compliance and security tools

  • Infrastructure as code (IaC) and its CI/CD pipeline

  • Encryption and key management


Konekti builds your AWS landing zone environment, prioritizing efficiency and ease for your team.


Konekti hands over your best practice AWS environment along with a detailed walk-through and documentation.

Konekti partners with customers to fast-track their AWS best practice implementation at every stage of their cloud journey, from Cloud Accelerator through Digital Innovation. Konekti helps its customers differentiate and disrupt by architecting, implementing, and managing AWS Cloud solutions that underpin and drive innovation in their business. Konekti blends the best of enterprise IT with the latest cloud strategies and techniques so that you can focus on your core business.

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