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Want to quickly develop & deploy a secure cloud landing zone?

How Konekti can help

If you are new to AWS and don’t have the skills or the capacity internally to build a secure and scalable AWS landing zone or whether you need to improve the implementation of your current AWS solution, Konekti will walk you through everything needed to start migrating your applications to AWS. Based on lessons learned from other successful engagements and aligned with the AWS' Well-Architected Framework, Konekti's Landing Zone Accelerator brings together everything required for a successful outcome.

Need a detailed cloud architecture for your web applications?

How Konekti can help

If your organization is looking to modernize mission-critical applications, you don’t want to repeat others’ mistakes. Our team of consultants will work with all the stake holders in your organization to create a detailed migration path that meets your organization’s budget and timelines, while meeting security and compliance requirements. Konekti's AWS SaaS provider Quick Start solution provides a detailed VPC design that is targeted towards SaaS providers or enterprises that would like to migrate their web applications to AWS in a scalable and secure manner.

Want to provide a "zero trust" based access solution to remote employees?

How Konekti can help

Remote users need easy access to web applications, but relying on traditional VPN solutions can create significant security risks. If bad actors can gain access through the traditional VPN, they will have total control over your entire network. You need a contextual security solution to meet zero trust requirements while enabling BYOD and access to applications deployed in the cloud. Through Konekti's Managed SASE Solution, our consultants will help you chose and implement a modern approach to securing application access without the performance and security implications of backhauling traffic through a VPN.

Need an audit of your cloud environment for security, resiliency and cost?

How Konekti can help

You’ve fully migrated to the cloud and your services are wildly popular. Your developers have embraced the cloud, and your customer base is expanding rapidly. Even so, you worry about security and the ramifications of a breach. You are also aware that your service can not tolerate a major outage and thus you need to ensure resiliency is integrated into your team's deployed architecture. Meanwhile, the CIO has concerns about organization's ability to quickly detect and remediate violations of your industry's compliance requirements. At Konekti, we’ve successfully audited a large number of cloud-based deployments that rely exclusively on AWS. Through Konekti's Well-Architected Audit, we will provide you with peace of mind that your deployment is built according to AWS' Well-Architected framework, resulting in cost-savings, reliability and performance efficiency.

Need to introduce automation & IAC into your cloud environment?

How Konekti can help

Konekti believes no security solution is complete without a comprehensive automation strategy. Infrastructure as Code (IaC) enables businesses to manage IT infrastructure efficiently in a DevOps environment that relies on continuous delivery. Through Konekti's IaC Foundations Solution, we will provide your organization with the necessary starting IaC framework required to take full advantage of a cloud-based infrastructure.

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