Which Business Problem Do You Want to Solve?

Want to quickly develop & deploy a secure cloud landing zone?

Need a detailed cloud architecture for your web applications?

Want to provide a "zero trust" based access solution to remote employees?

Need an audit of your cloud environment for security, resiliency and cost?

Need to introduce automation & IAC into your cloud environment?


Secure Cloud migration

Migrate to the cloud with confidence while minimizing disruption to your enterprise applications

cloud security & compliance

Deploy real-time and customizable security and compliance solutions

network security & secure access

Protect your network from cyberattacks and improve your overall security posture

automation & infrastructure as code (iac)

Create automation tools to streamline cloud deployment and operations





"Konekti has tackled complex cloud infrastructure challenges on multiple occasions that helped my business expand its reach to new customers and markets."

Chase Ballard

Chief Product Officer, Medicom

"Konekti's engineers have the deep networking knowledge required to ensure our infrastructure was optimized for delivering a high-quality application experience to our large customer base"

Ramtin Kiany

President, EdClub



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